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How To Be the Perfect Bridesmaid (And Avoid Bridezilla)

Your best friend is getting married and you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid! Of course you say yes. You are honored that your friend wants you to be in the bridal party but you also know that now you’ll have to attend a bachelorette party, a rehearsal dinner, go dress shopping, let her vent when the flowers she ordered are the wrong color, stay out of her way while she’s on the 5th day of her juice cleanse, and a myriad of other bridal problems. You want to be the best bridesmaid you can be while trying to contain the bridezilla she is capable of being. Here are few tips to surviving this wedding season.

Accept the Dress

If she picks a dress that is the wrong color or shape for your body this might be something you’ll just have to deal with. Perhaps periwinkle blue is her favorite color and she loves big, poofy gowns. While you’d rather be in a sleek red gown, you’re there for support on her big day and to help her feel beautiful. Thankfully, a big trend now is for brides to allow their bridesmaids some freedom in choosing their dresses. If your bride gives you a color, you can pick the dress that fits you perfectly. Trendy collection has hundreds of styles to help you find the perfect bridesmaid dress that will please everybody!

Get Your Dress in Advance (But Not Too Advance)

Let’s face it, your body changes. If you get your dress in the winter when the wedding is in the summer, chances are you’re going to be smaller than when you were holding onto that winter weight. If you’re trying to lose weight before a wedding, be realistic. If the big day is a month away, don’t plan on dropping 4 dress sizes and buying a gown too small. So just enjoy your summer, eat what you want, and let the bride freak out about her dress size.

The Bride is Always Right

You hate the dress. She asks you what you think of it. Your response should always be “It’s beautiful!”. She’s working hard to make sure the guests, caterer, mother-in-law, baby brother, and possibly her own crappy, teenage daughter are happy so she doesn’t need to feel bad about you not liking the dress. If she asks you a question, it’s merely for her own approval. Getting married is full of tough choices and a lot of self doubt. Help a sister out and make her feel like her wedding is the best it can possibly be.

Stay Positive

The bride is probably going crazy because the curling iron won’t get hot enough or the caterer undercooked the pigs in a blanket. You should be the voice of positivity in her darkest hour. If she’s overwhelmed, help out and take over a task or two. If she’s feeling scared, be the shoulder for her to lean on and tell her what an amazing time you and the rest of the guests are having. Hugs help a lot too so dole out those comforting grips of love and get ready to party.


Remember. This isn’t your time to shine. It’s hers. Don’t get crazy drunk and take over the dance floor. Don’t write a 15 minute speech about your ex boyfriend and have it somehow relate to the couple’s dog. Don’t cause drama with the other bridesmaids. Don’t do anything but be supportive, smile, and have fun while celebrating your best friend’s new life chapter!


Posted on Monday, 13 Jul 2015


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