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What is the cocktail dress code that blends me with party guests?

For everyone, event like a cocktail party is an exciting occasion, yet you might wonder about what party attire is all about! It is because when you are invited to the party, you are requested wear the outfits, according to certain party codes.

Is it something a casual or formal dress to wear for the party? Or what kind of dress code I need to know while preparing for a special event such as a cocktail party?

Cool! To your relief, you can follow certain “codes” or “tips” to sport a perfect style to your event dress. Cocktail dress code ensures that your dressing style is a perfect match to your evening party. Thus, you avoid the chance of getting landed in a wrong dress code for the party you have been invited.

Cocktail Dress

Follow these basic rules once you are invited to the cocktail party:

Rule #1

Invited via mail or over phone?

It is the manner the invitation to the party being sent: If your guest invited you either via phone or email, it is a visual clue; you can be pretty sure that your dressing style is about casual or relaxed. So be confident and join the party to enjoy to the fullest.

Rule #2

Invited with an R.S.V.P?

R.S.V.P means "Please respond".

You guest sending you an invitation to the cocktail party with an R.S.V.P, meaning you are going to attend a formal party in a formal cocktail dress code. If the invitation mentions dressing options — black tie optional, casual or semi-formal — find the right attire you like most and join the evening event and enjoy.

Rule #3

Choosing right fabric for your cocktail dress

Enjoying a cocktail party is determined by the fabric you wear. For instance, wearing a knitted dress or wool blend is definitely NO NO if the party takes place in summer, and strictly avoidable. Similarly, go in for the right color selection that is in synch with the season.

On the other hand, wearing dark clothes is fine during winter season, while picking lighter colored fabrics are absolutely fine for spring and summer seasons. So do not miss the chance of attending the thrilling night party by wearing a wrong cocktail dress.

Cocktail Dress

Rule #4

The timing of your invitation

You need to go in a semi formal cocktail dress if the party is held in the afternoon. Conversely, your dress code has to be in more formal manner for a party happening in the evening. And, if you are hitting the cocktail party with a date, dress yourself accordingly.

Do it instead of just knowing it

Knowing the rules will not help but following these rules help you avoid being awkward at the cocktail party you are invited. And make it to your day of celebration with your dear ones and friends!

Posted on Thursday, 18 Aug 2016


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