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MADISON JAMES designer dresses UPTO 80% OFF

Fun Looks For Your Halloween Cocktail Party

Halloween is upon us yet again! Ghost, ghouls, goblins, and the scariest of them all-- a social occasion! Eek! What should you wear to a more adult party this holiday? One costume free yet adorned with class. Fear not, because  Trendy Collection will have you covered with the ideal spooky and out of this world dresses to make your night-- and your fright-- because it is Halloween-- complete!

Fun and Gothic: Start subtle and spooky with this fun and chic Alyce Paris Party 3658 dress. The look, like a stylish Wednesday Addams, will show the world you’re not one to be messed with while keeping the mood fun and light. The beaded sweetheart bodice gives off an energy that is positively Victorian and the black silky chiffon lets the witchy look exude class. The short skirt and strapless neckline meanwhile keeps it fun and breezy! You can’t go wrong with the Alyce Paris 3658 dress.

Alyce Paris 3658

Out Of This World: Halloween isn’t always about the bleak and macabre however. Often it’s a fun chance to be out of this world in a trendy and exciting way. Consider then the Alyce Paris 4431 dress. Fully sequined and shining, the dress reminds one of the sci fi future we were promised in films long gone. Of UFOs, the stars and the fashions of the world of tomorrow! Amaze the room with the promise of the shining future in this incredible dress.

Alyce Paris 4431

The “Sexy Cinderella”: However, the dresses don’t have to just be spooky or odd, sometimes they can just be fun and flirty! The Cinderella Divine J9006 dress is perfect for letting loose your inner princess in a way reminiscent of the classic Disney heroine. A sunny and regal look that will have your ruling the room!

Cinderella Divine J9006


Posted on Friday, 16 Oct 2015


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