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Mother of the bride: the added wedding attraction

For the mother of the bride, the wedding day is a very special, unforgettable moments for her. Given that, she will be the centre of attraction the moment she walks down the aisle to the ceremony hall. Hence, you need to clad in a gorgeous dress to attract the wedding guests attention. So, to avoid any unanticipated worries, go happy with the following wedding dress etiquette tips.

Consult the bride and groom

Before wearing your outfits, consult the couple on how far the wedding ceremony going to be formal; the intended overall wedding style; the color palette they are choosing for, and so on. As the mother of bride, it is customary that her dress is purchased first. And it is her choice to determine the dress she will wear on the occasion.

It is a traditional way of approach, so you can be just flexible and comfortable since the occasion is not a competition.

Kick start much early
Make the running up to purchasing the dress for the mother of bride quite earlier, be it a six month prior. This is the best strategy of saving enough time for you to look for your treasure hunt, allowing to take care of any alteration, or schedule fillings, if any.

As bride’s mother, you need to be patient until the to-be-weds finally fix the their wedding outfits. This helps you choose your mother of the bride attire, best resonating with the taste of the couple. Also, this helps you in coordinating yourself accordingly.

Choosing your dress colors

Selecting colors for your dress has its twists and turns. For example, some prefer their mothers to wear same palette as that of the bridal party. The palette includes plum or mauve gown, in case of bridesmaids worn in lilac or lavender.

However, no strict rule is there to dictate the coordination of the dress. However, as the bride's’ mother, you need to coordinate yourself to the wedding day hue.

As the mother of bride, you could go in for colors such as chocolate brown, blush, and jewel tones — these are perfect matching bets. The traditional way for the mother of bride to wear dress at wedding discourages colors such as ivory, champagne or white.

This is because they closely reflect the dress of the bride while black color refers to a sense of mourning.

In case of concern or confusion over finalizing these colors, the ideal option is to let to-be-weds double check them, to avoid the concern.

Deciding your dress style

The right selection of your style on the auspicious occasion such as a wedding is crucial to avoid any discomfort from the sides of both the bride and you. As bride’s mother, you have more options allowing you to go gorgeous. This avoids the chance of being stepping on anyone's toes, or over-the-top scenarios.

The level of the wedding formality will help you wear dress that ranges from chic sheath or classic suit to formal gown or cocktail dress. There are chances that the bride asks you to wear dress which you may not like; or you may feel not thrilled with what you wear. The solution: Establish a one-to-one chat between you and the bride for a resolution to this concern — because for both of you, the day is unique; so appreciate each other.

Mother of the Day Gowns

Be the lady of the day!

So, undoubtedly, as the mother of your daughter, you deserve special attention on the auspicious day. So shoot a surprise on the day by playing dancing steps with your lovely daughter. This helps strike a more bond with her, marking thrilling memories post special day of your daughter!

Posted on Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016


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