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MADISON JAMES designer dresses UPTO 80% OFF

New Year, New Gowns, New You!

The last year is almost over and done with, and the New Year is ahead and that means a lot of things. Get your resolutions in order, get ready for an incredibly exciting Groundhog’s Day (February 2nd), and get ready for your prom-- just around the corner! Look ravishing, stylish and gorgeous in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd! Let’s find gowns that can help you emerge as a new, better, more exciting you! Let’s look at resolutions and what kind of gowns you can have for the resolution that’s right for you!


Are you shy and sweet with your true explosive personality just wait to burst onto the scene and take the world by storm? Then let Trendy Collection help by letting you look the way you feel with some of our more daring ensembles. Consider for example the DFI Designer collection, and specifically the incredible DFI 1449 gown. It’s gorgeous colors, complete with a short skirt leading into a breathtaking sweep train will let any party you enter into know that you’re not the wallflower many could mistake you for! You’re a true and shining personality who can’t wait to stun the party she enters.


As you come out of your shell in 2015, what could better than that a gorgeous DFI gown!


A new year is a special occasion to embrace the new and find something you have not yet considered. The Riva Design collection is a thrilling chance to do just that. All of its gowns are a unique one of a kind ensemble you soon won’t forget. In particular, the gorgeous Riva Design R6489! The gown’s gorgeous cut outs, flattering buts and thrilling sequined dress are one of a kind! A different design for a different you in a unique year. The floral arrangement on the waist keep it dazzling and promise that at the next special event you will not be missed!

Considered this incredible Riva Design gown in the new year!


Finding the true you is hard work, and finding your identity at your look is the most important thing. After all, once you figure out the true you when it comes to clothes, you will never look better. There is nothing better than someone absolutely comfortable with themselves. So what look will work best for you? Browse our website, find what’s good.

New year sale

Maybe you’re someone who wants to emphasize their fun and flirty vibe. Then the Cinderella Divine collection would be ideal! Look at the adorable Cinderella Divine J718. It’s  short fun and flirty skirt is sure to bring out your more fun and flirty personality. However, maybe you’re a stoic figure of pure class. In that case, the Cinderella Divine J8003 is ideal for you. The strapless beaded neckline is elegant, and the floor length a-line gown with an empire waist and ruched bodice is sure you bring out your beauty at full force. A gorgeous gown to partake in.


Let 2016 be your year and choose the gown perfect for you in this incredible collection!

Posted on Tuesday, 22 Dec 2015


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