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Best Prom Fashion & Beauty Tips

The new year is upon us and spring time will arrive sooner than we expect. Which means of course, that prom season is almost upon us! Prom is one of the milestones and dream night every girl looks forward to in high school. Make your Prom 2015 the best night yet, looking and feeling fabulous. Let your natural beauty radiate and shine with these awesome prom fashion tips.

Prom Fashion Pointers

1. Try dresses on and do not lie to yourself about your true size. Buying a dress that fits accurately and looks and feels beautiful will always be your first choice. Do not rush to find the perfect dress. Instead thoroughly browse and spend the time looking through a variety of styles and silhouettes to find what designs work best for you.

2. Your perfect dress can go from hot to not if you do not have a bra that fits the cut, or you don’t use fashion tape when you really need to. Avoid a potentially embarrassing fashion faux pas by bringing bra and panty options with you to fittings to avoid bra strap slip-ups and the dreaded panty line! This way, necessary alterations can be made far in advance, and if you need to find a different bra or dress altogether, it will not be at the last minute. It is a great way to see how the fabric will actually look sitting against your skin.

3. Planning in advance for the big night is the single most important aspect of pulling off an excellent prom. Dress vendors sell out as it gets closer to prom season, and that dress you were eyeing but never pulled the trigger on could be snatched up by some other foxy girl! Restaurant and places also get booked quickly, and ordering a limo service is never a good choice to leave to the last minute. Ordering your corsage, scheduling your hair and makeup, and planning the look you want to achieve are other parts of prom night that are better handled in advance. Once you know who your date to prom or the group you will attend with, begin your perfect prom preparations!

Beauty Tips To Be the Belle of the Ball!

1. When you get your fabulous clutch or purse together to complete your perfect look, some helpful things to include in the bag are bobby pins to ensure your hair do hold up throughout the night; a compact mirror to touch up makeup as needed; blotting papers to absorb any oil or sweat from dancing all night; double sided fashion tape in case of slip-ups; and a travel size deodorant to keep you smelling fresh!

2. Avoid overdoing it and select one feature of yours that you love, and play it up with makeup. Less is usually more when it comes to dramatic makeup.

3. 2015 is all about subtle beauty statements. No more sharp, jagged drawn on eyebrows- this look has been replaced with brows that look feathery and lightly colored in. The goal is to look youthful and fresh faced.

4. Avoid overdrawn in lips. Do not create the duck face pout if your lips are already full; simply highlight with a flattering berry tone lip shade that complements most skin tones. If your lips are smaller, pale glosses really add volume where you need it!

5. Of course, anything goes when it comes to personal style and true beauty stands out the most when you feel absolutely fabulous and stunning in what you wear. So, above all, find the dress that fits your body in the most flattering and comfortable way, so you can dance the night away without a care in the world.






Posted on Thursday, 08 Jan 2015


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