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Shopping Tips for Prom 2015

Finding the right dress can mean everything on Prom night. You’ve got different requirements for your prom and you should consider those when shopping for a dress. Will Prom be outside or inside? Do you live in a warm climate or cooler? Do you hate wearing dresses or can’t live without them?

Type Of Dress

Figure out what type of gown you want to wear. Many factors can go into this decision. If you’re a gal who loves wearing long, elegant dresses then go for gowns with sweeping trains, sweetheart necklines, and jewel colors to bring out sophistication. Perhaps you’re the type of girl who can’t stand wearing dresses at all. If you decide on one, you might want to go for something comfortable in a jersey fabric vs. an itchy tulle skirt. Try a casual a-line cut rather than a body conscious style that hugs your curves. Or don’t wear a dress at all and find a fabulous pant suit that matches your comfort level.

Under Garments

No one wants to talk about underwear! However, this can make or break your dress choice. There is nothing wrong with wearing supportive undergarments that will help smooth your lines and create a better dress fit. Let’s face it, your dress was probably not custom made to your unique body shape. A shaper can help the dress fit better, fall more elegantly, and create smooth lines for symmetry. If you don’t want to wear tightly fitted supportive garmets, no problem! There are many dresses that allow you to be fancy free underneath all that tulle. Try a short dress or empire waists if you want to “bare it all” under your prom gown!

Make it Match

Thinking about matching your dress to your skin tone, eyes, hair color, etc, can make a huge difference in your appearance. Jewel tones tend to look amazing on lighter skins while bright yellows and reds shine on dark skin. Purple brings out hazel eyes while redheads always look sparkling in green. Blonds rock baby blues and black hair stands out against cobalt blue. As for your body, a halter top will look amazing on a plus size body while the sweetheart neckline will show off a long, elegant neck. It may seem like a lot, but just think of some of your favorite clothes you own now and what you love about them. That can help guide you towards your perfect look.

Posted on Tuesday, 19 May 2015


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