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MADISON JAMES designer dresses UPTO 80% OFF

Dare To Be Bold: Look To The Riva Collection For Your Next Incredible Gown

Prom is only a few months away and you want to get ready. What will be the right look for you however? Of course, you can look subtle and classic, letting the subtler approaches of a more traditional dress speak for you, or you can be bold and thrilling. Trendy Collection has many unbelievable designers, designs and cuts, and few are as inexplicably breathtaking as the gowns featured in the Riva Designs Collection.
    Likewise— many of these gowns would work just as well for the holiday season— a season wherein the loud, the bold— and the unabashedly gorgeous, can go hand in hand to create a look that’s truly unique and never apologizes for what it is!

Riva Designs

Consider for example the Riva Design R6489 gown. The gown is a bold and gorgeous statement, it in itself resembling almost a bow, as if your presence is a gift to the room and the party you’ve entered. It’s bright colors will help you stand out and the floral empire waist with its additional cut outs, promise to keep the look at an exciting level to make your evening complete. The look is also reminiscent of a beautiful Christmas bow and— along with its bright colors— could double as an incredible outfit for the holiday season. A truly unique look for a truly unique person.

riva design

However, what if it’s too much and you want to find a subtler gown to wear? Something that still however helps you stand out from the pack. Then look no further than the incredible and breathtaking Riva Deisgn R9556. The gown just screams princess with its beautiful beaded sweetheart bust and its inspiring and bold a-line dress. The ruched bodice and the dazzling beaded waist is gorgeous and with the pink color, few options are both more glamorous and more subtle with how they play with expectations of what a gown should be. It’s adorable princess look is also reminiscent of the Nutcracker ballet. It’s sweet, cute, and elegant, and will make an exciting addition to any holiday party you find yourself heading to.

riva design

Still— simply being subtle may not be for you. The Riva Design R9472 takes subtlety and throws it out the window with its daring leopard print on the add on to the gown. The magenta of the material so singularly stunning that eyes will be agog. It’s a look that doesn’t care how it comes off— simply that the person wearing it doesn’t care what anyone thinks and is simply there to enjoy herself. What greater gift can you give yourself and your loved ones than the one of a confident you. The shimmering material is gorgeous and is reminiscent of holiday decorations. The look is one that is sure to make the night unique and is perfect for either your upcoming prom, or your upcoming holiday party. Truly divine.

    These three gowns from the Riva Design collection promise to have you being eye-catching. You are not a wall flower! You are bold, you are confident, and with these gowns, you are absolutely ready to make your entrance known!




Posted on Monday, 30 Nov 2015


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