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What Happens When Another Girl Is Wearing the Same Prom Dress

One of the most horrible things that can happen to you on prom night is to show up in the same dress as another girl. Scratch that - it IS the most horrible thing that can happen at prom or any fun party night for that matter. Here is a look at the stages of how you feel when you show sporting the same ensemble as another girl...Maybe our lighthearted guide will make you laugh through the situation!

1. First thing’s first: You spot the dress thief clear across the room.
Okay, not cool whatsoever. Honestly, after all that time you shopping, another girl picked out the same dress as you? You immediately feel indignant and shocked.

2. Then, the inevitable sadness hits.
Try as you can to keep a look of “so what” and act as if you could care less if another girl has the same outfit, it’s hard to shake off the disappointment. You are pretty bummed you can’t be the only one rockin’ the gorgeous gown, regardless of the fact that you do look great in it. You wanted to be the only one killing the dress! And to make matters more upsetting, everyone else will know you both have the same dress and feel bad for your “poor” situation.

3. Sadness quickly morphs into Anger and Frustration.
You really just can’t believe, no matter how hard you try, how that girl could dare to wear the same dress. Unbelievable!

4. You try to calm yourself and be the bigger person
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

5. still lose your cool a bit.
She ruined your look and your night, and she needs to hear a piece of your mind!

6. You walk right up to her and let her know exactly what you think of her wearing your dress.
You tell her to get lost...But it doesn’t go over so well. Once you hear your own petty words leaving your mouth, you realize you shouldn’t be rude and ruin someone else’s prom either. 

7. Finally, you accept the fact that it really isn’t that big of a deal and it certainly shouldn’t ruin your night any further.
You go out there and know you are going to dance it up and have fun. Besides, you look awesome and no other girl can bring you down!

Just remember everything can be laughed away, and you can rock anything you wear!


Posted on Tuesday, 10 Feb 2015


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