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MADISON JAMES designer dresses UPTO 80% OFF

Wicked Gowns To Complete Your Halloween Costume

Halloween-- the perfect night for you to strip away any sense of the good girl and let your inner wickedness fly. Why be good when you can be bad? A witch, a villain or something just downright terrifying, and you can be a villain or witch at her most regal with these gowns from Trendy Collection.

Glamorous Witch:

The witch is a Halloween classic, but the raggedy dress, the wart covered nose, blech! It’s time to give this look a much needed update for the fashionable gal and the Alyce Paris 35755 is the perfect dress to start with! The sheer black chiffon perfectly captures a witchy look, but the sweetheart bejeweled bodice and open back gives it a sexiness that the beloved Halloween staple hasn’t experienced in a long time! Match this up with witchy accoutrements and I can promise you, your party will be seduced and intrigued by this new spin on an old classic.

Alyce Paris 35755

Femme Fatale:

Of course, maybe you want to go with something more exciting? Something action packed and sleek that’s dangerous and seductive. Consider the Femme Fatale look with this gorgeous Alyce Paris B’Dazzle 35756 gown. The silhouette cut is perfect for elegantly slinking in the shadows as the bejeweled capstone shoulders hint that you’re a glamorous figure with a dark and mysterious past. The Femme Fatale, that staple of noir, is a great costume and how could you do it better than with an exquisite gown.

Alyce Paris B’Dazzle 35756

Villain Cruel:

Or maybe you want to go as a villain more familiar, more specific, and who could be more wicked than Disney villainess Cruella DeVille? Like the femme fatale this naturally glamorous villain matches perfectly with Trendy Collection’s commitment to fashion and the Alyce Paris 2322 gown is ideal. The silver and black mimic perfectly the villain villainesses’ black and white hair. The sleek slimming look does the same. All you have to add is a fur, some gloves, and of course a dark desire to kidnap many a dalmatian, and the look will be complete!

Alyce Paris 2322






Posted on Friday, 16 Oct 2015


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